Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Important Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

General Procedures

  • Cars must enter the parking lot from the south Girls School Road entrance.
  • Drivers proceed slowly and safely making 2 lines that will merge into one as you round the corner.
  • The first car in the line should drive to spot labeled #1. The next car should drive to spot #2 and so on.
  • Close the gaps between cars.
  • The closer we get the cars, the more cars we can get through our car rider line at a time.
  • The space between cars should be enough for a person to walk.
  • Once you arrive at the drop-off and pick-up area, keep your car within the box. When this procedure is followed, we will be able to quickly and safely unload 10 cars at a time.
  • Watch Chapelwood staff closely and follow their directions.
  • For safety, all students must walk as they come into school or leave school.
  • Cars will remain parked until staff directs them to carefully drive forward. CW Staff are responsible for ensuring the area is safe for students.
  • Please turn right when leaving
    Chapelwood this helps with traffic flow.


  • Be patient! It only takes about 10 minutes to get all students out.
  • Follow the flow of traffic.
  • Drop-off and pick-up your child only when you are parked next to the curb on the south side of the school.
  • Follow the directions of school staff on duty.
  • Send a note or call prior to 1:45 PM with transportation changes.
  • Be patient!


  • Let your students out in the parking lot.
  • Park in the church parking lot next door.
  • Attempt to drive against the flow of traffic.
  • Park in front of the school in the bus loading area.

Picking your Student up from the Main office

The south door is exit only. You need to park in the south parking lot and walk to the main door to sign your child out if you are not picking them up in the car rider line.

Car Rider- Pick-Up (PM)

We will start our afternoon car rider line around 2:30 pm.

The first car should pull into spot #1 and the next 9 cars should fill in spots #2-10.

Once your child is safely in your car, please wait patiently until the cars in front of you have also loaded and begin moving. DO NOT try to go around these cars. Our #1 priority is ensuring that every child is safe and the procedures set in place help us guarantee each student’s safety.

If your child does not immediately come out, we will ask you to pull ahead and wait for your child so that we can continue our dismissal quickly.

The car rider line usually finishes up in about 10-15 minutes. At this time, we take students that are not yet picked up to the front office. If there are no cars or staff out front, you will need to park in the front of the school and check-in at the office to pick up your child.

Car Rider-Drop Off (AM)

Please wait for CW staff to signal that it is safe for your child to exit the car.

We will start unloading cars around 7:15 am.

For safety, students should get out of their cars on the passenger side. If your child must get out on the driver’s side, your child should walk in front of your car for safety.

If possible, all drivers should remain in their vehicle to keep our line as safe and efficient as possible.

If you need assistance from an adult on duty, please let us know and we will be more than happy to help.

If there is a delay in unloading, please do not go around unloading cars. Please wait patiently to ensure that all students are safe.

For safety, students should get out of their cars ONLY in the marked spaces.

After 7:30 am, students are considered tardy and will need to enter school through the front entrance.

Thank you for your cooperation. We want to have a safe school year for all children.